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We provided maintenance services for this company to several retail stores and now they refuse to pay us.These services were provided over the past 10 months on about 25 different stores.

We are a licensed contractor and not some flake. We have written authorization from our customer to perform the work and we also have written acceptance of the completed work from the stores we serviced. We serviced retail stores for them, such as Cricket, Bealls, FedEx, Little Casars, Checker and Go Green.

They will not return our phone calls , respond to our faxes or emails.They owe us $6,905.85

Review about: Maintenance Service.


Manassas, Virginia, United States #626920

Same thing here in Virginia.We performed requested and approved service and maintenance to Cricket Stores in 2012.

SFUSA will not respond to our calls or correspondence.We'll try Cricket next, we still have hope, but not much.


Same situation here, McAllen, TX US, They are doing the same situation here to us, rendered services, to mulitiple locations throughout the valley.We were provided work orders, mgmt signatures etc..

Still no Pay!!!We need to gather more vendors/victims and file a lawsuit against them for theft of services!!!


It sounds like they are truly a company that none of us should be doing business with. Your comments sound exactly like our situation. We have invoices from 2011 and the beginning of 2012 that they have not even attempted to word from them at all.


They have done the same to me.I serviced many retail locations for them and they wont pay me $4500.00.

Services completed since 2-27-12.

Signed work orders and invoices submitted and yet to hear a response.Any luck

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